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Smart Code Snippet Manager

Codiga’s Smart Code Snippet Manager allows you to add, manage, and share code snippets within your chosen IDE using one of our plugins for VS Code, IntelliJ/Jetbrains and Google Chrome

Code snippets are a developers best friend. These reusable blocks of code save you countless hours of having to code all aspects of a project from scratch. They can form the right foundation for you to build upon, making them an invaluable resource. At Codiga, we understand how having access to the right code snippets can transform your productivity and that's why we have introducedSmart Code Snippets within our Coding Assistant tool.

Managing Smart Code Snippets

Codiga’s Smart Code Snippets can take your productivity up a notch by allowing you to access a hub of Smart Code Snippets that have been added by our network of talented and trusted developers.

Outside of saving you time looking for the right coding pattern to frame your project, Codiga’s Smart Code Snippets also allows you to add, share and manage your own code snippets without having to navigate around multiple platforms.

Like all of Codiga’s tools, ease of use is top of mind, so all of Smart Code Snippets’ features can be used directly in your IDE using one of our plugins for VS Code, IntelliJ/JetBrains or Google Chrome. Codiga’s Smart Code Snippets help you define placeholders within your code that you can use to define the variables of your code and snippets.

Smart Code Snippets: Visibility

Firstly, when adding and sharing your own Smart Code Snippets, rest assured you are in control of the visibility. Code Snippets can be shared either publicly(with the entire network of Codiga users) or privately( meaning they can only be found by you, or your chosen team).

Codiga’s Smart Code Snippets can take your productivity to the next level by giving you access to a growing library of existing code patterns that have been added and used by thousands of other developers who use our platform every day. Codiga’s Smart Code Snippets also acts as your own personal Code Snippet Manager, allowing you to easily add your own Smart Code Snippet without having to leave your IDE.

Please note that once a Smart Code Snippet has been added, you cannot alter its visibility.

Adding Smart Code Snippets by IDE & Visibility

Codiga’s Smart Code Snippets tool can be easily added to your chosen IDE using one of our plug-ins for VS Code, IntelliJ/JetBrains and Google Chrome.

Adding a Smart Code Snippet is easy, and can be done in a matter of seconds. The below examples will walk you through how to add a Smart Code Snippet using various IDE and visibilities.

Adding Smart Code Snippets on VS Code

Once you have a coding pattern you want to save, simply highlight it directly in VS Code, right-click, and select create a snippet.

From there, you will be instructed to add in some basic info that will be instrumental in ensuring the Smart Code Snippet can be easily found and populated.

Adding Smart Code Snippets on IntelliJ/Jetbrains

Adding Smart Code Snippets with Chrome

Managing your code snippets, and sharing them with your team, can save you countless times in your day when you use Codiga’s Smart Code Snippets. Login to your Codiga account today to get started in a matter of minutes, or sign up to be a user today!

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