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Find Smart Code Snippets

Search for and use Smart Code Snippets that can be populated in your IDE using one of our plugins for Vs Code, IntelliJ/ Jetbrains or Google Chrome

Having access to the right building blocks of code is the key to speeding up any project. At Codiga, we have built a hub that houses a growing library of Smart Code Snippets that have been added and vetted by thousands of trusted and experienced coders who also use the Codiga platform.

Searching for Smart Code Snippets

Finding the right coding pattern is easy on Codiga Hub. Here, you can search for a Smart Code Snippet by name, and tag or keyword on the Codiga hub. Once you find the code pattern that best suits your needs, you can favor it, and populate it into your IDE.

Searching for Smart Code Snippets in your IDE

Codiga’s Smart Code Snippets tool can be easily added to your IDE using one of our plug-ins for VS Code, IntelliJ/Jetbrains, or Google Chrome. VS Code, IntelliJ/JetBrains or Google Chrome.

If you would like more information on how to install our plugins, please see our step-by-step guides for VS Code, IntelliJ/JetBrains and Google Chrome.

Once your plugin has been installed, you can easily search for Smart Code Snippets directly in your IDE, so you no longer have to jump around multiple environments to find what you are looking for.

VS Code



Using Smart Code Snippets

Once you have found the Smart Code Snippet that you are looking for, it can be populated in your chosen environment using a few keyboard shortcuts.

Once commanded, Smart Code Snippets are inserted, and respect the IDE preferences always. Smart Code Snippets placeholders are being replaced at insertion time

Smart Code Snippets: Visibility & Privacy

Note that Smart Code Snippets have differing visibility that is up to the discretion of the user who adds it. Smart Code Snippets can be shared publicly( with every user on the Codiga platform) privately( only you can see it) or with your team( shared with a specified group of people). It’s important to remember that no matter what visibility setting a Smart Code Snippet has, it is always kept private on the Codiga hub and will not be added to shared to any 3rd party platform.

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